Are you ready to rock? (Well…I tried.)

Yeah…Bad reference. But…Rock as a title loses. (Unless you’re talking about the wrestler…Nevermind, you lose there too.)

Anyway. First one of these, and I think I may finally have the hang of it. (Hopefully…)

Different Types of Rock in Japan

Okay, first off, just like in America, there are different types of rock. However, there are some types that I’m pretty sure don’t exist in America…or anywhere else in the world.

Starting off on the…Stranger aspect:

Visual Kei

Okay, pretty much anyone who’s heard Japanese rock has at least heard of V-Kei. They have a very unique style of dressing and…well appearance. And, seeing as a picture’s worth a thousand words, it would probably be best to just do that.

Yeah...Well, unique is definately descriptive enough, right?

In addition to their…unique getups, they usually have French names. I can see why, it’s just kinda strange. Anywho, here are some of the artists:

X Japan
Dir-en-Grey (Great band, btw. Will have some of there music here.)
Rentrer En Soi
Kagrra (Also really, really good)

And…you can find some more yourself! ^_^ But, to be fair, and to show you what they sound like, here’s Kagrra and Dir-en-Grey:

Dir-en-Grey (Okay…This is probably one of the creepiest videos I’ve seen. That’s why I picked it. I like the song, but it’s not my favorite.)

Oshare Kei

And…Boosh. Just found about these guys recently. It’s a spin-off of V-kei, and it’s actually the exact opposite…almost. While V-Kei is very dark and sadistic, O-Kei is very Happy and bouncy.  Okay…and…Picture time.

And...I'm pretty sure all of them are guys. Yeah...>_>;;

Oshire Kei bands, unlike their V-kei counterparts, focus on a much happier message of Friends and relationships. They are very positive, and their music has a much happier feel.

Anywho, onto some bands:

Shelly Trip Realize

And the samples for this set are Ancafe and Shelly Trip Realize (Just because it’s a cool name.)


Shelly Trip Realize

Not done yet…There’s two more groups I want to cover.

Angura Kei

I’m not gonna lie. I just now found out about this kind of band. While writing this post. Anywho, I like one of the artists who are attributed so, I dunno…Anyway, let’s get to the picture!

Well...They're all in Kimonos. Yay for Japan! :P

I don’t know at all about anybody in this genre. Except for apparently Girugamesh. But apparently they’re a form of eroguro (Erotic…grotesqueness…Look, just don’t google guro. It’s probably the most F*EFF*ed up thing you’ll ever see, in anime form. It’s…yeah. Also, 1,000,000 bonus points for the person that gets the reference. Boosh.)

Anywho, some bands are:

Despairs Ray

And…The lucky winners are…Girugamesh and Cali≠gari. So…away we go!



And finally…The “Wannabes” as Encyclopedia Dramatica so elloquently put it. (Also some of my favorites, except for their Engrish songs.)

The Wannabes

Yeah, these are actually, pretty much everyone else. But really these are the bands that “sell-out” and start writing songs in this horrible…Engrish. And the bad part was, before that, they were usually really good. But then they just wanted to be famous. Anywho, in the spirit of this article, I’ll get the picture!

Yup...All of their attitude...They could totally pass for American :P

Well, not really much to say that wasn’t in the first paragraph, so I’ll be making with the bands now:

Ellegarden (I really like them. Except for the Engrish songs.)
Beat Crusaders
Orange Range
The Pillows

And the lucky winners are…Ellegarden and Beat Crusaders, just because.


Beat Crusaders

Well, and that’s everything. I thought today was pretty fun, and I learned something too. So…everybody wins ^^

Well, until next time,

See ya!

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