Free Manga? Only if it's digital…

Yo! Next post, hot off of the press. :P

Okay, one thing I really enjoy doing is reading manga. And one thing that I knew I was gonna do when I started this method of learning Japanese was…Read a whole ton of manga. A lot. Copious amounts of manga.

However…I don’t really make enough money to import manga as of yet…so…I made out a few other ways to do it. Namely, Nintendo DS ftw.

The Program:

Comic Book DS, or CBDS for short, is amazing program (Don’t I love italics? It’s either that or all caps, and no one wants that for 10 minutes…:P) that lets you…well, read comic books on the DS. So, that sets us up for a lot of possible fun. You get the comic (Or set of images, it doesn’t matter as long as you have them all in the same folder.) and then use the program it comes with (I’m not 100% sure what it’s called, honestly. I’m using linux, so I have to do it differently.) to select the folder it’s in, and it will change the images to its .cbds file type, and you just stick it in the CBDS foler that’s in the root of your Flash cart (I like the AceKard, but any will do) and then open the program, and voila, Manga on your DS!

The quality is amazing, and you can do so much with CBDS. You can zoom to get a better look, set it up to only show manga on one side or on both, have it be landscape (hold it like a book) or horizontal (Hold it like the DS is normally held), and even have it account for the gap between the screens. I can’t recommend this program enough.

Click the link to download this wonderful program. I’ve linked to his site because I think that’s a better way to do it. Now to get into the Manga!

Downloading Manga:

While I do hope you buy the manga (I know I will, I prefer a book in my hands honestly. There’s just something about it.) until you have the funds, this is a great way to get your immersion. (Your DS is set to Japanese, right? ~_^)

There are many great sites (Which is why I won’t be linking. I’m not sure how legal that is…However, googling Raw and Manga will turn up great results ^^) out there to download manga. Most of them take down those manga that have been licesened, so you won’t find everything, but I’ll put up things I think you should be on the lookout for.

Soul Eater
Asu no Yoichi (If you like Love Hina, you’ll love this. I like to consider it Love Hina if Keitaro was actually a ronin :P)
Love Hina
Prince of Tennis

And I’ll be doing complete reviews of these and more. Keep looking out for more goodies, and try to enjoy yourself while you’re learning. It makes everything easier (I need to work on it more, honestly ;P)

Alright, That should be it for today. Until next time,

See ya!


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