Brighter Side – SaGa

I loved Viewtiful Joe when it was coming on TV, and I’m actually looking to acquire the Japanese versions of it. I loved that show…

Anywho, I found the Japanese theme of it, and yeah, a lot of the song is Japanese, and apparently when they translated it they only changed the Japanese into English, but hey, it’s still a great song, and It just brings back a lot of good memories for me. ^^

So, without further ado, here’s the video and lyrics.

No kanji, but only because all of the Japanese lyric sites like to use flash, and you can’t copy it….ごめんな~

“It’s like
one day you found a treasure in childhood
tried sharing that pleasure but no one would listen
It turned into the fragile heart
So you tried to be a treasure of someone else
But if there’s no one to take you either way
There’s no reason to stay no need to be fake
Towards somewhere else you’re supposed to be
Just make it a brand new day
It’s time to walk away

I left a note on the door
“Don’t worry about me”
I won’t come back until I see….

Freely toumei na shunkan ni
aini yukutoki brighter side
tsuzuku michi no mukou gawa
Dreams egakeruyo kuuchuu ni
yoake niwa hikari no asa
atarashii kaze no soba

When I left my place to go face the world
Everything seemed like a dream but now feels so cold
There’s no one around, certain things unfound
When I feel like I’m hittin’ the ground
I lock my door inside so tight
To believe I can make it right
I know I can get through it all
But the world is so big and I feel so small
I got no pride, that’s why I hide

Something hard to see
Can become reality
You’re not alone, you’ll find me there

Freely toumei na shunkan ni
kakenuketa subete brighter side
yuugure no tobira aketara
Dreams egakeruyo machu ni
yoake niwa hikari no asa
atarashii kaze no soba

You’ve never known
It’s in your hands
When you just try to walk away
You’ve never known
It’s in your hands
There’s more to you than meets the eye

We used to view the whole world explore
Though it’s hard to be refused, just look out the door
We all make mistakes and we can find the next step so
Just let yourself go
Yo I’m still on my way
But I found there’s treasure in us everyday
The door’s open wide
So now i try to reach out my hand to you all
When we know what we can really be
We can finally see

Free dream hikari ga
Free dream
So Beautiful Joy

Freely cast all your cares aside
I think we’ll see a brighter side
Where all these sorrows start to shine
Dreams can bring the things you need
Your hands will reach the other side
I’m sure it’s really not so bad”


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