Japanese TV is…strange.

You get a pretty good mix of good and bad. I suppose it is mostly when you watch, but sometimes I get really good shows (Battle Spirits is fun to watch, BTW) and sometimes I get really boring shows.

So…Keep that in mind. Also, Keyhole TV, if you haven’t heard of it, is really cool. It lets you watch live Japanese TV (And I hear they have a iPhone App now, so boosh.)

One thing I can say though, is that the commercials are ALWAYS awesome. Either really cute, or just plain awesome, never boring. Also, usually never longer than 30 seconds, so they’re awesome bite-sized pieces.
I wonder how many times I said awesome in that last paragraph…Way too many probably.

Anywho, before I start to ramble, I’ll be letting you go. Also, make sure you check out my Youtube channel after I start Uploading! ^^ They’ll be scripted, so there’s less rambling.

Also, more useful posts in the future!

’till then,

Jaa, mata na!



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