Want to make a post everyday!

That way, I teach myself discipline and what-not. Well, that and I didn’t really go to sleep, so I’m crazy tired and this is the easiest way I can think to keep myself awake.

So. Onto the awesome.  I actually have two sites I would like to plug right now (shamelessly!)

First off…RhinoSpike.com! I found his site through a comment he left, and it’s really fun. I haven’t used it for requesting anything yet, just been recording what people want recorded.

It’s just a lot of fun. I’ll probably start requesting once I hit like…20 or 30 recordings.

Anywho, the other site is italki.com. Also, pretty awesome. It’s like a social networking site (Albeit a bit plain…), and you can find people to talk to in the language you’re learning.  So, good fun there, and I’m hoping to meet some cool Japanese people (Or…even gaijin who speak Japanese. I’m not really picky :P)

So…That’s my…”useful” post of the day. I suppose it’s better than dick jokes…right?

Also, I’m plugging Cracked.com just because I don’t know if I could make it through my day at this point without Cracked.com

So…I suppose I’ll talk to you later!


Now…Read that in Kenpachi’s voice, and try not to laugh.



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