How I’m Studying (At the moment!)

Yeah, this tends to change from time to time, but this is how I’m doing it at the moment. Feel free to take any ideas you like, and get rid of the ones you don’t.

First, I really like learning words. So, anytime I find a word that I like, I tend to put it into an SRS, and although I’m not really big on putting sentences in – I do it, it just tends to bore me more – I do enjoy putting song lyrics in my Anki deck.
In a later post, I’ll upload some of my decks for you to use, if you’d like. (However, it is definitely better if you do it yourself. You remember the words better, honestly.)

And Kanji. Oh, how I hate love them. On a more serious note, I really do enjoy them, they’re just a pain to learn. I hear a lot of people recommending Heisig. And I do endorse him, he’s just really…boring. Like mayonnaise sandwich boring.
If you want the awesomeness of his method, but it being much more interesting, there are two options for you.
You can go to, which is a site based around Heisig’s method (And there’s a really great community in the forums!)
Or…you could go with yo mama jokes, and check out Shultzzz is pretty much the coolest mofo on the intranets, and I think that his method is just really cool. It’s basically Heisig with some of the really useless Kanji removed, and it’s in a different order, but the mnemonics are just hilarious. Or easy to remember. Or both.

Now, Once Kanji is taken care of (And I’m still trying to do that…For some reason I can’t stay focused. Probably because I keep listening to my friends English music recommendations – I’ve got Airplanes 2 by BOB and Eminem repeating a LOT orz) I’m planning on moving straight into native material. However, I also really wanna read some grammar books. Japanese grammar is crazy linear, and there aren’t a lot of exceptions, which is awesome. So, I’m trying to find some really useful verb endings (ーたい、ーはじめる、etc.) and SRSing them as well.

And all the while use the wonderful Keyhole TV and Kawaii Radio to get a TON of input. (Also, making videos of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and Yuugiou is pretty fun ^^)
So…yeah. That’s the plan for me. If you have any advice or comments, feel free to leave a few.

See ya!


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