Manga Review: Bakuman

Alright! Here’s the first in my manga review series, and one of my new favorite manga series: Bakuman.

I really have fallen in love with this manga, and it’s really fun to read (despite the basis…)

The manga is about 2 aspiring mangaka, Mashiro and Takagi, and their journey of being published in Jump Weekly. They first meet at school, when Takagi, a straight-A student finds Mashiro’s sketch notebook, and tells him to get it at the end of school that day. They then (After a little effort) decide to team up and try to get into Weekly Jump.

There’s an anime scheduled for release this Fall, and I will be watching it with Keyhole TV. (Unless it’s already out…But I’m pretty sure it isn’t >_>)

Anywho, I know this is short, but I’m not really sure how to review something like this without spoiling it, so if you could leave me comments about how you would like these sections to work, I’ll be glad to update!

See ya later!


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