Off-Topic Rant: Blazblue Online and Japanese Projects

It makes me sad…

I mean, I love Blazblue. The Drive Mechanic, the air-combos, just the whole game makes me happy.

Except for the players online…

When you have to wade through 20 Jins and Ragnas, maybe play a clap-trap Carl, or even Taokaka at this point, it’s just no fun. At all.

And I know, me bitching doesn’t do anything. But it makes me feel better. That it does. So, I’ve been trying to get better at Tekken 6. It’s actually pretty fun, albeit much, much slower. I’ve been trying to learn Lili and Dragunov. Both are really fun to play as.

And in general the people online seem to just be more fun. I mean, I got an asshole Paul who just started jabbing me after he realized I wasn’t really good, but other than that, no Ragequits, and the connection’s really nice and lag-free for the most part.

Anyway, I want you to know that I am almost done with the Japanese Phrases document, and it should be finished by Thursday. If not…It’ll be done eventually. It’s free. :P

Also, I’ve been working on the Kanjidamage Anki deck, but I think I know why it hasn’t been finished yet. That’s a LOT of stuff…

But I’m definitely working on it too. It’s just gonna be done a little later than I had hoped. I think I can do it much more efficiently if I timebox it. Maybe I can finish it if I do that…

Anyway, that’s all that’s been going on in my life for now.

So…yeah. Talk to you later! Next post’s gonna have slang in it! Woot.


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