A New Way to Make Kanji Fun?! ウソツキだぜ!

Hey, It’s me again.

And I have found an awesome way to do kanji that probably won’t make you rip your hair/eyes out from boredom. Now, for this disclaimer:

I didn’t make this. I found this on a link from AJATT, home of everyone’s favorite Japanese speaking person. It goes to this magnificent site here. Read up.

‘Kay, with that outta the way, we can move on to this. It’s called Lazy Kanji, and it’s effing awesome. Yesh, it is absolutely wonderful.

Remember how I said AJATT is just an excuse to be really lazy about studying, and that’s what makes it awesome? Well, there’s a reason that this is called Lazy Kanji.

It’s so much easier than having to make all those damn stories for the Kanji, and worrying about if you’re using the absolute right keyword. (Because, as most of us know, the keywords aren’t always right, lol)

Here’s how it works: On the front of the card, there’s the Kanji. You write it. (Try to do it without looking, but I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really see how that’s possible with the kanji on the front of the damn card…Anyway, ) Then, there’s a sentence. And there’s a blank in the sentence. I’ll give you a hint: It’s the keyword. And the capitalized words in the sentence are the radicals/whatever you call them.

And you just fill in the blank. That’s it. Super easy, right?

And, you don’t even have to make the cards yourself. They’re all uploaded on Anki’s Shared Deck area. It’s great.

So, I think this is most definitely a great way to start to regain your enthusiasm for Kanji, and hopefully we’ll all be much more literate thanks to it.

Or not. Who knows, really?


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