My New and Improved Study Plan. Maybe it’ll help you

Yo, Brent here.

Well…The getting rid of stuff part is working. I’ve only got Japanese on mah iPhone (Music, although I have gotten rid of explicitly English apps too.) and I’ve gotten a some Sentai episodes, and I’m working on some dramas and Digimon.

Also…my bookshelves look really empty now >>;; I’ve got like…maybe 10 Japanese books, so yeah. When I get my good camera back, I’ll show you.

Also, sleeping on the floor again. (Well, on a comforter folded hot-dog style. Not too uncomfortable, honestly.) And sitting seiza hurts after a while >> Hopefully that’ll stop when I get used to it (And lose a little weight, lol)

Anywho, on to the topic: My new study plan. Hopefully, it’ll help those that aren’t ready to start yet.

Now, I’ll make a confession. I’m getting the idea from here. That’s a great forum, and Nukemarine’s a really cool dude. Very helpful.

His is based on someone who can only make room for around an hour or two a day. Seeing as I’m trying to completely immerse myself (Except for work…-_- I miss headphones on the job >>;;) Mine’s gonna be a bit different.

But I think if I map out a rough outline, it’ll help me in the long run.

Anyway, here we go!

0 Step: Be surrounded by Japanese as much as possible.

1st Step: Learn Kanji with a combination of Kanjidamage and rote memorization.

2nd Step: Finish Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese, SRSing the sentences.

3rd Step: Start reading as much Japanese as I can (I’ll be buying book throughout the other steps). SRS cool phrases and words.

4th Step: ???

5th Step: Profit?

Yeah. That’s basically it.  See how mine’s a lot less detailed than his? It’s because I’m lazy.

I was never really good at detailed stuff like that. And while I like his version, I think mine suits me better. I’ve been setting bookmarks on some Japanese sites I like, if I just wanna waste some time, so there’s that. I mean, like I keep saying: AJATT=Laziness. And with no offence or irony.

It’s that awesome.

And, I know I keep referencing total immersion as AJATT. It’s just because Khatz was the first dude to lay it out for me, and I really appreciate it. (No homo! lol)

And, honestly, I’m sorry that my posts aren’t longer, or as inspiring as his. But I’m not him. I’m me. That’s why my blog is different. That’s why my style is different.

We aren’t the same people. Our backgrounds are different. Hell, our interests are probably different (Despite shooting for the same goal.) So there’s no reason for our styles to be the same.

Nukemarine’s style is WAY too detailed for me, personally. But I think it could help a lot of people, so I posted it here.

Anywho, let me stop before I start rambling. Just remember, You can’t finish what you don’t start.

So…yeah. Deuces!



  1. “””You can’t finish what you don’t start.”””

    My dad has that on his refrigerator, haha. Right over it he has “It takes what it takes.”

    Needless to say he lives in a trailer crowded in junk and beer cans…and he still hasn’t fixed his on-demand water heater…he takes cold showers…

    ANYWAY let’s not be like him, haha.

    But yeah one of things that irks me about Khatz and a lot of Japanese students is the absolute disgust for the English language. It was the first language in the womb for a lot of us. I absolutely love reading novels in English(read Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, and don’t stop at that one! The next 3 books are AMAZING and then the next 4 are EQUALLY AS AMAZING. I love the Enderverse… I have a personal connection with all of the characters introduced in Speaker for the Dead.)

    Studying any language will improve your overall language comprehension.

    Now what I DO agree with is that subtitles are evil.

    You will automatically switch over to English mode in your brain and not pay attention to the Japanese. Now, the more you immerse yourself, the easier it is to listen while ignoring the subtitles, but if you’re like me, your brain will automatically gravitate to the English. I always look for RAW or alternate subs(like CHINESE, see and if I absolutely have to watch something which has subs. I’ll tape a piece of paper over them.

    Literacy is important. I just don’t know when it’ll pay off… I know it will, there are a lot of people who make a living with literacy… that’s where step 4 comes in…


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