New Youtube series! Learning Japanese : I try to teach you real good.

Here’s the first video. Hopefully it’ll help those of you that need help with hiragana.

I’ll update this with the words and sentences, plus some more that didn’t make it to the video!



  1. I like how you have vocabulary and example sentences. One thing I would suggest is show the stroke order of the kana(and kanji) so people know how to write them.

    Also it would be nice if you pointed out how you learned these vocabulary. This way we can learn a little bit more about how you personally learned these.

    If you learned it through a book with rote memorization, then let us know at which point you ENCOUNTERED the vocabulary that it started to *click* for you.

    Also, feel free to use excerpts from my vlog if you feel they would be relevant. I give you permission and if YouTube has anything to say about it (I doubt they would) I will vouch for you because I gave you written permission.


  2. Yeah, that’s what I tried to use it for, but it’s pretty hard to actually find someone that doesn’t just want free English lessons. I’ve gotta find somebody to help me speak Japanese too lol I think I’ll be making a Lang-8 post and see if there’s someone that would be willing to talk in English for a bit, and then we could switch to Japanese. That would probably work pretty well.


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