4 Anime That Just Wanted To Mess With Your Head

Yo, Brent here.

Yeah, sometimes endings are deep. Sometimes they’re exactly how you wanted them to end. And sometimes they just leave you scratching your head wondering what the hell just happened.

These are of the latter…Also, not ranked in any order. Just there for your amusement.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Everything was….a dream? A life lesson? What the hell?!?

Now, I know I’m not the first, nor am I probably the last to talk about this, but I felt I should. Now, don’t get me wrong. I personally really liked the ending (Better than End of Evangelion at least. Everybody just blew the hell up…)

Anyway, for those (few?) that don’t know. This is Shinji, the main character.

Yeah…This guy. It gets better.

Anyway, so Shinji is Gendo Ikari’s kid. And Gendo is a military leader, and commands mecha. Also resembles Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons.

Mostly because he does this. A Lot.

And, because this isn’t a synopsis of all of the anime (Just don’t have that much room!) I’ll leave it at that.

For those of you that know the ending (Everyone but the few sad souls who don’t) It’s crazy as hell!

And, so people that don’t somehow know the ending don’t get mad at me, I’m gonna throw a big SPOILER ALERT!!! right there, and I’m gonna send it off to good ol’ wikipedia, cause they seem to be able to explain it WAY better than me:

In the last two episodes (the second set in 2016), Gendo and Rei initiate the Human Instrumentality Project, forcing several characters (especially Shinji[18]) to face their doubts and fears and examine their self-worth, with sequences that “suggest animated schizophrenia”[19] This ending was made up of flashbacks, sketchy artwork, and flashing text “over a montage of bleak visuals, that include black and white photos of desolate urban motifs such as a riderless bicycle or vacant park benches interspersed with graphic stills of the devastated Nerv headquarters in which Shinji’s colleagues are seen as bloodstained bodies”,[20] and a brief interlude depicting an “alternate” Evangelion universe with the same characters but apparently in the high school comedy genre, eventually seems to depict Shinji concluding that life could be worth living and that he did not need to pilot an Eva to justify his existence; he is then surrounded by most of the cast, clapping and congratulating him. The introduction implies that this same process took place for everyone.

So, yeah. Seeing it explains it, but as I said, everyone basically knows the ending lol.


But for me, that pales in comparison to our next entry for me:

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (Kai/Rei)

Well, Rei not so much, but it still does a lot of what I’m gonna go over.

So, for those of you unware of Higurashi (A much larger majority than Evangelion…) Shame on you!

Now that’s out of my system, we can continue. So, when you sit down to watch the first episode, SPOILER ALERT!!! You stumble in on the silloette of a young man just going to town on two girls with a baseball bat. For about 3 minutes. Then, when the episode starts, you notice that the first guy you see looks a lot like the guy going to town on the girls.

You see him making this face A LOT

Well, to cut it short again, you get a nice pattern for the first season. First episode or two, it’s like a high school comedy. Him and the girls are getting along fine. Then, episode 3, somebody starts getting cat eyes, and you know shit’s about to go down. And then the rest of the episodes people get fucked all kinds of up.

It goes from this...

…To this…

To all of the main characters dying

And then the next arc begins, and you get to see who goes crazy next time. Nothing really gets explained until Kai, And I’m not spoiling the ending.

And, might as well do my next one on another of Ryukishi’s work:

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

Bam. This one gets weird, so strap in.

Alright, this is easily one of my favorite Anime, and I hope they do the second season, but let’s get to the crazy.

So, There’s a rich family called the Urashima family. They all get called out to an island about once a year. Dude with the red hair and looking like good ol’ Phoenix Wright is Battler Urashima. So, they all get called out, but Battler’s been away for a few years, so no one recognizes him. Also, as a very important piece of plot, there’s a legend of a Witch named Beatrice. That’s gonna come into play real soon.

So, they’re on the island, and they’re arguing over who’s gonna take over the company. Grandad stays in his room. Well, night falls, and when they wake up, 6 people are dead. There’s a epitaph about the witch, and it’s supposed to help them out, but of course, no one but the little girl, Maria believes in Beatrice.

Yeah, she gets evil eyes too. Fucking Ryukishi

Well, as we should be able to figure out, everyone dies. And, then there’s a wonderful little tea party. And this is where it starts to get really weird. So, Beatrice shows up gloating, and of course, Battler says she doesn’t exist. While they’re alive in a tea party thing, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. So, she can’t become real unless he acknowledges her, so she brings him into a special room, and the whole day starts all over again. And he has to come up with ways that her magic can be proven by tricks. And then basically it’s  super-natural Phoenix Wright in the best way.

And the last one for this list:

Paranoia Agent

Now, for anyone that remembers this show, it was basically 13 episodes of straight mindfucking.

He plays a LARGE part in this.

Yeah, this one I still don’t completely understand. Still really like it. Here we go!

So, there’s a kid called Lil’ Slugger, and he’s just beating up a bunch of people. The story focuses on his victims for the most part. Well, that and this dog, Maromi.

So, While most of the story is about Lil’ Slugger, and everyone talking about him, you’ve got that dog making a storm with his TV show. Hell, one episode the main character turns into a wandering knight for no real reason, and goes after Lil’ Slugger in a crazy fantasy world.

Well, here comes the SPOILER ALERT!!! cause I’m about to ruin this lol. Turns out the dog is actually based on a real dog that the woman who created the Maromi show had as a kid, and when it accidentally died, she blamed it on Lil’ Slugger, which started his reign. When she owned up to it, Lil’ Slugger was defeated.

Well, there’s my list of crazy ass anime you need to watch. And remember, Japanese Only!

Leave any interesting anime you want people to know about in the comment section below!


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