Working on a Manga for my CCG!

Hey, as you know, I love to take on WAY more than I can handle.

So, I’m picking Kassen:CCG back up, to work on my art again, plus, I’ve always wanted to make a manga. However, this is gonna be good for all of us because….It’s gonna be in Japanese! I’m also gonna have Japanese and English versions of the cards. The best part is, I can make sure it’s good correct Japanese as well, because of the Yugioh wikia, and Lang-8.

I’m actually pretty excited, I’ve got most of the first arc thought up at this point, and I’m currently working on the second set.

First set’s at It’s playable, and I’ll be setting up training sessions once I get this second set hammered down. Although, if anyone feels up to playing, just leave a comment, and I’ll get you set up an ready to go. I haven’t had a bad review of it yet, and, even though I’m a bit biased, it’s easily my favorite CCG I’ve ever played. (With UFS and Duel Masters both a close second.)

Anyway, thought I’d keep you in the loop. More Japanese goodness coming soon, just been really busy.


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