How I Use Facebook for Learning Japanese

Yo, Brent here.

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated, been busy. Finally got a job, and standing for 8 hours straight sucks a lot more than I remember…

Anyway, I found a really awesome post by Chris Brogan, and I finally have something new to write about. If you want to have an idea of the next post, I’m going to eventually write most, if not all of those posts.

So, let me tell you ways I use Facebook to learn Japanese. Now, there are a lot of good ways to do it if you don’t mind friending complete strangers lol

First, I use the Find Friends link, and pick a city in Japan (Osaka is pretty gdlk, but I like Osakans lol)

Then, I go through people who’s picture interest me, and I look at the things they like. If we share interests, I’ll send a friend request, and then I can see their wall (Although, a lot of people don’t have their walls protected)

Then I just chat with people. It’s a really good way to make some new friends, and also a way to get some exposure on your (probably English-dominated!) Facebook wall. I mean, if you have to use social media (And you know I do!) then you may as well use it to learn Japanese too.

Another source of easy Japanese immersion is just simply Japanese pages. It’s much better for people who are still wary about friending random people. You still need to search people, but if you see a page they like in Japanese, you can just like that page, and BAM! +1 right there.

Also, in a semi-related aside, I really can’t wait until I get my Google+ invite. It looks amazing.

Anyway, try and get creative, and tell me ways you use Facebook (and other social media) to your advantage to learn Japanese.

P.S. Your Facebook account is in Japanese right?


I know I said I don’t follow the leader, but if donations are the only way for me to get video games and blow, then dammit I’m gonna try. Click the little button below, you know you want to…



  1. Interesting… I’ve been using and – pretty good stuff.. Also have rosetta stone as well… but being a torrent guy I find some pretty good programs and books! I’ve been looking to buy some children books in Japanese but damn they are pretty pricey little shits! Still looking for a bulk PDF or something! Word


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