Google+ is Amazing!

Yo, Brent here.

Seriously, finally got my invite, and now I’m using it, and it’s so good. It’s also really good for learning Japanese, in the same way that Facebook is, but slightly easier.

The way you put people in circles really helps you out, because you don’t have to share with everybody. So, you can put some people in your Following Circle, or even make a Practicing Japanese circle, and just send Japanese messages out, and – Unlike Twitter – you can ask for feedback on your Japanese.

So, if you have a Google+ account, follow me for more Japanese on a Dime updates, And check me out for new updates soon. Been pretty busy with everything, but I will be updating more often.

See ya!

I know I said I don’t follow the leader, but if donations are the only way for me to get video games and blow, then dammit I’m gonna try. Click the little button below, you know you want to…



  1. It looks neat, but I really hope it becomes useful and not just a gimmick. If it’s too ridiculous to use I simply won’t use it. I’m fine with Facebook and YouTube, really.

    Sorry if I haven’t commented for awhile, been going through a lot. I need to get my insulin I’ve been out of it and test strips for over a month or maybe two… Basically, my whole body is fucked. Plus add on the stress of moving 200 miles away and getting ready for another semester of school, and I’m still all edgy from the summer semester AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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