Sticking With It, or Binge Studying


So, you’ve messed up. You went and listened to Rap God, and then went on an L1 binge, right? Can’t blame you, that’s a great song.

Now you just don’t wanna go back to your L2, right? You just love the comfort of your L1. It’s so nice. It’s so predictable. Nothing can hurt you in your L1.

Do me a favor, right now. Before reading this next sentence.

Do an SRS rep. Listen to a song in your L2 you love. Read one sentence.

#Boom. Now you’re back in.

It’s such a small step. But do you know how you learned your L1? Small steps. Baby steps if you will. The big difference between why it seemed so easy as a child and why it seems so hard now are two-fold.

1. You don’t remember much from when you were a baby. Simple.
2. You had to learn your L1. Or you would be totally useless. And with no friends. Or significant others. Or really anything. Because you can’t communicate.

So, if you fall off the horse so to speak, then just bring your L2 in slowly. Totally what I’m having to do now, because of some issues. This is totally from first-hand experience. Just do something in  your L2. You’ll thank yourself later.




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