Japanese Quest, or JLVLUP was already made


Welcome back, my brethren in Japanese learning.

So, as I mentioned previously, I was working on an RPG system for learning Japanese. Obviously it would be up to the person playing to keep their stats straight, but of course, like all good things, someone had already made it.

That system is called Japanese Quest.

There is a ton of awesome information on this site, way more than I can cover in a blog post. It is made by a group of people, so you get many different styles of posts, but all in all, it’s some good information. I will be breaking down some of the posts in later updates, simply because I do disagree with a few of the ideas, but every one will have disagreements and in general, it’s a really interesting site.

My biggest thing on this site, as well as most sites that I frequent about language learning seem to have a consensus. You cannot learn a language through grammar. Period. If you’ve forgotten, I actually had a blog post about that here, and it’s still one of my favorites that I wrote.

You can’t try and wade through terribleness to do something fun. Just do fun things in the language, and everything else will fall into place. If you try and cram every Japanese conjugation and think you’ll speak the language fluently, then either you’re crazy, or super intelligent, and I am impressed.

I made a 100% throughout my High School Spanish classes. Guess how much Spanish I can speak now?

Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Same with Japanese. It’s not that I didn’t want to learn. I’ve loved languages since I was little. I just wasn’t able to because I was going about it all wrong. I was killing myself with the process, instead of realizing that I’m totally gonna suck right now. I’m probably gonna suck tomorrow. Hell, I’m probably gonna suck 3 or 4 months from now. But you know what? All the times where I totally could have played that game, or enjoyed that song, I wouldn’t have. Because I would be trying to cram all of this information in, and I would feel like I deserved to get out of my immersion enviornment. Every little win that I could have gotten in my immersion enviornment I would have missed out on, and I would be like every other person you hear in your Spanish/French/Japanese class.

“This is too difficult. I’ll never learn this language!”

And, without knowing those people, I will almost be able to guarentee that they don’t have any friends that speak that language. They aren’t watching any movies or listening to any music in that language. They’ve just given in to whatever everyone else says. Languages that aren’t English are impossible to learn to fluency, and the only way to learn a language is by cramming conjugation tables.

Well, I’m here to say: No. I’m going to learn a language by simply enjoying my time in that language. I’m going to make Japanese my home. I will live it, breathe it, and become it as often as I can. And I’m not alone. Khatz, Benny, and so many other bloggers are doing this as well. I can’t say I’m going to be perfect. I’m sure I’ll fall off at some point. All I know is that I’m going to learn this language.

And nothing is going to stop me.

So, if you want, you can go back to your conjugation tables. You can try and memorize all of the rules. But just remember, you can learn a language by having fun. And there are a lot of people that are doing it. Stop wanting to learn the language, and just learn the damn langauge. You’ll feel so much better about yourself when you do.

Well, this is Brent signing out, and as always:



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