My top 5 favorite sites for Japanese information

I’ve never done a list before, so it’s probably not gonna be all that good, but let’s jump into it. I’ve been to a lot of sites about Japan and Japanese, and these are 5 of my favorites, in no particular order.

5. Lang-8

Lang-8 is an amazing site. You post a blog there, and natives of whatever language you’re learning correct your work. The people there are really nice, and you’ll get more out of it if you correct entries too. (There are a lot of people that need English help.) I haven’t been on there a lot recently, mostly because I’ve been trying the improve this blog. However, once I get this blog up and running, I’ll probably be there almost (If not every) day.

4. All Japanese All The Time

Ah, yes. The infamous AJATT. This is another great site for learning. However, he gives an entirely new way to learn. (Sort of. It’s actually really common, but for those of us used to the “Burn it into your skull with worksheets and tests” methods we used in school, it’s a breath of fresh air for most. Playing video games and watching anime is considered studying? Woot!) Also, he’s known for being quite inspirational. So, I tend to check his blog to see if he updated, just to get some motivation sometimes. (Because RTK can be quite maddening…)

3. Reviewing the Kanji

Speaking of RTK, it’s online, fan-created SRS is on my list as well. While I may not visit as much for kanji, the forums are a very good place to get information on different styles of learning and tips about learning Japanese when you’re just tired of hearing about AJATT and you wanna try something else. Although, there are posts about it too.

And…Some of the people see AJATT as a cult. And I can’t really disagree with them somtimes. The fans of that method can be over the top sometimes. But I digress. Onto number 7!

2. J-Pop Asia

Yeah. I don’t visit here on a regular basis anymore, but it’s the best place I’ve ever seen to get music. They have top 20 charts from Japan, people’s favorite artists, and their database is top-notch. Every artist has at least one video, and it’s fun to mess around on it. You can buy houses on your favorite songs and I always seems to pick artists no one else buys houses on… >_> (Teriyaki Boyz are awesome!)

1. Epochrypha

Holy…crap? He revamped his site like crazy! He said he started this year, so at least I know I’m not crazy.

Anyway, with the new revamped site, you can see a lot of good information to help you on your journey to learn Japanese. He has a summary of all of the verb conjugations (and I really like that) and other things like keigo (Polite and honorifics) and Masculine and Feminine speech differences. (Not a whole lot on that.) Anyway, check that site out ASAP!