Make Learning Japanese Fun

Ossu, nanika atta. Burento de gozaimasu.

Boom. Just like the videos. And yes, I am completely aware that I’m mixing politeness levels. I just like how it sounds.

So, I was at work, and I was wondering how I can learn at work. It’s not like Denny’s where I can have my headphones in the whole time. And then I thought of something.

What if I started learning the names of the products we sell?

So, if I saw some dog food, I would think “ドッグフード”. Got it?

Everyday, we have a chance to learn something in our L2. Just a simple little game (ゲーム).

“But Brent,” you may ask. “AJATT says not to learn words, only learn sentences.”

Well, fictional reader that obviously hasn’t read my blog before, let me let you in on a BIG secret. The secret that will change how you look at learning Japanese. A wondrous secret that will open your eyes to so very much.

AJATT is NOT a Method.

Do we have to go over that everytime? Don’t try to follow AJATT exactly. You won’t do it. You’re a perfectionist. I know I am. So you know how hard it is to do something like that if you’re a perfectionist. You’ll never, EVER finish learning Japanese if you have a perfectionist attitude about it.

Trust me, I know.

It’s been 5 years since I started “learning Japanese”.

5. Years.

And I still barely know Japanese. All the Kanji I learned? Gone. The kana? Well, not gone, but I don’t remember the ones I don’t see very often. And do you know why?

I stopped interacting with Japanese. I started rapping to improve my Japanese, and then I completely forgot that goal.

So, learn Japanese the wrong way. Make mistakes. Break the rules. (That’s what they were meant for, were they not?)

Have fun. That’s the number one rule. Hell, that’s the only rule. Because if you’re having fun, you’ll make yourself play more. Kinda like crack, you always want another hit.

I feel like I strayed a bit, but honestly, I feel that this all goes together. Because by making little games for yourself, like my word game, then you’ll constantly be winning. And that’s good for a healthy psyche.


Well, let me end my rant now. I will have a new video up on Friday, so expect some learning to GO DOWN.